Seven best things to do in and from Split, Croatia

7 best things to do in and from Split, Croatia

Traveling to Croatia? Going to Split is one of the best decision you can make. In Split and around Split there is a lot to explore. From the old town of Split to a National Park just 1,5 hour away to some of the clearest waters you will ever see. In this blog I’ll tell you all about the 7 best things to do and see from Split, Croatia.  

1. Split Old Town

Split town was build centuries ago and has countless streets filled with old homes and buildings. The best way to explore Split is by walking through it. Put on some good shoes and find all the beauty this town has to offer you.

Split, Croatia
Split, Croatia


2. Bell Tower of St. Domnius Cathedral

When visiting Split, there is this one spot that will give you an amazing view over the harbor and the orange rooftops of the beautiful homes of Split. This place is at the top of the Bell Tower of St. Domnius Cathedral. You can choose to visit the inside of the Cathedral as well of just visit the tower. 

The climb to the top takes about 10 minutes. Once you’re up there, you’ll be amazed by the view. 

Bell Tower of St. Domnius Cathedral
Bell Tower of St. Domnius Cathedral


3. Silver gate/ Diocletian’s Palace

When in Split there is a must visit and this place is the Doicletian’s Palace which you can enter true the Silver Gate. This square is since 1979 one of the World Heritage sites. 

During the day the place will get very crowded because this is the centre of the town with a lot going on. You can visit a small shopping area under the ground, get some delicious gelato or take a look at the old square that was build centuries ago. 

Bell Tower of St. Domnius Cathedral
Bell Tower of St. Domnius Cathedral


4. (Vintage) markets 

When you like to feel more like the locals, get up early and visit the market with lots’ of fresh foods. The market only takes place in the morning so be there on time. 

During the day there are some other places where you can find vintage markets. The stands can be find alongside the harbor and has a big variety of different products. 

Market Split, Croatia
Split, Croatia


5. Day trip to the KRKA National Park

Split is a great place to start your adventure in Croatia. Lots of  countries offer cheap flights to the airport of Split which makes it a great starting point. 

In the centre of Split there are countless tourist activity shops where you can book fun day trips from. One of the most famous ones is a day trip to KRKA National Park. Only 1,5 hours away from Split you will find this lushes National Park. 

If you like to be more independent, rent a car and drive to the Park by yourself. 

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KRKA National Park, Croatia
KRKA, Croatia


6. Day trip to the island Hvar

Near Split, there are many islands to discover. A place that stole my heart was the island called Hvar. With some of the bluest waters I have ever seen, this is an amazing day trip from Split. 

It will take you 50 minutes on a boat to get to the island. Book your tickets in advance because the boat fills up quickly. The boat will drop you off at the harbor of Hvar Town. From here you can start exploring the town and the nearby beaches by foot. 

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Robinson Trail, Hvar
Robinson Trail, Hvar


7. Day trip to the Plitvice National Park

A day trip that is a little bit further away form Split town, but completely worth it, is The Plitvice National Park. This is by far my personal favorite thing to do in Croatia. I have never seen something so lush and blue. These lakes almost look fake, but believe me, it is real. In my opinion this is a must visit during your next trip to Croatia because something like this is a unique experience.

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KRKA National Park, Croatia
Plitvice National Park, Croatia

How to get around

By foot – A lot of places can be done by foot. We explored Split and Hvar only by foot and you don’t need any transportation here to bring you from one place to the other. 

(Rental)car –  If you want to explore the National Park by yourself, I would recommend to get a rental car. This gives you the freedom to explore the amazing places all by yourself in your own pace. The roads are well maintained in this country and the people don’t drive like maniacs. When you get out of Split, the roads are almost empty, so I can definitely recommend renting a car in Croatia. 

We booked our car at the harbor of Split with the company ‘Nova Rent a Car’. Friendly people and good service.

Tour – If you don’t want to drive yourself during your time on Croatia, you can explore some parts of the country with a tour company. Lot’s of companies offer trips to some of the best places in Croatia. Just make sure to look for a (day)trip you want to do and book in advance to be sure of a spot. 

Ferry – From Split to Hvar and back, you’ll need a ferry that brings you back and forth. There are different types of ferries you can take but I recommend the fast ferry that only takes 50 minutes to bring you from Split to Hvar. 

Travel costs

Split is a destination that can easily be done on a budget, but if you’d like, there is always a fancier option. Down below I will list some of the most common expenses per day.


Food   €25 – 70

Ho(s)tel   €20 – 70

Entrance tickets  €10 

Split, Croatia
Bell Tower of St. Domnius Cathedral

Extra information

Best time to visit –The best time to visit Split, Croatia is in the shoulder seasons of Europe. The best time is from May to the end of June and from the end of august to the end of September. The weather is amazing and the places will be less crowed than in the middle of July and august. 

Words you can use – Local people always appreciate it when you can speak a few words in their language. Here are some words you can use while being in Croatia.


Hello   Zdravo

Thank you    Hvala

Good morning   Dobro Jutro

Good evening    Dobra Vecer

Cheers    živjeli

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