The perfect one-week Croatia itinerary from Split

The perfect one-week Croatia itinerary from Split

Split, a perfect starting point for an amazing week in Croatia. Explore the National Parks close to Split, take a boat to one of the islands surrounding Split or explore some old, historic towns. Croatia has so much to offer, and with this perfect one-week Croatia itinerary from split, you will have te best time while being there, with the perfect mixture between nature and city. 

Things to do in Croatia

So, you want to go to Croatia for 7 days? Good choice, because in 7 days you can do and see so many beautiful things Croatia has to offer you.

During my 7 days in Croatia, I stayed at 4 different places . This was the best way to see the best places this country has to offer. Down below I will tell you all about the perfect one-week Croatia itinerary from Split.  


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Day 1 - Travel day/ exploring

After you land in Split, take the shuttle bus from te airport to Split center. This bus leaves every time it’s full and drops you off in the harbor of Split. It only costs 45 kuna a person. In the harbor of Split, there is a rental company (Nova car Rental). Try to book a car in advance so you can pick up a rental car and drive to your first destination of the day, Šibenik.

1. Šibenik
Your first stop in this one-week Croatia itinerary form Split is Šibenik. It’s an old historic town. You can spend hours wandering the narrow streets or alongside the coast of Šibenik. One must see is The Cathedral of St. James. The church was build in the years from 1431 to 1535. It took the people more than a hundred years to build but it turned out beautiful. 

Parking in town is expensive, but there is a free parking lot a little bit outside of town. From the parking lot to the center it only takes about a 10-minute walk. For the link to the location, tap here.

Sibenik, Croatia
Sibenik, Croatia


2. Zrmanja Canyon Viewpoint

Your next stop in this itinerary is a hidden gem, Zrmanja Canyon. This place still needs to be discovered by the tourists and you can be one of the firsts to see it for yourself.

The exact location to this hidden gem is : Zrmanja Canyon Viewpoint

You can chose to drive your car all the way to the end of the path, but I don’t recommend this if you have a small car. The road is rocky and you don’t want to get a flat tire all the way up in the mountains. We parked our car at the beginning of the path and walked to the viewpoint. It’s a 10-minute walk so you’ll be there in no-time and you’ll be rewarded with this wonderful view.

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Zrmanja Canyon, Croatia

After this amazing viewpoint, it’s time to drive to your first accommodation. Get yourself a hotel or Airbnb close to the entrance of the Plitvice National Park, you will thank me in te morning.

Day 2 - Plitvice National Park

1. Plitvices Lakes

Today is the day you get up early. I know, nobody wants to do that during a vacation, but it is so worth it. Set your alarm at 06:15, get yourself ready for the day and walk from your hotel or Airbnb to the entrance of the park. At 7am the park opens up and you’ll be one of the firsts to enter the park and have it almost to yourself. Walk around the park and get lost by it’s beauty.

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KRKA National Park, Croatia
Plitvice, Croatia

At the end of the day, hop in your car and drive to your next accommodation in Skradin. This is the town next to the KRKA National Park and the perfect town for some lovely dinner in the harbor. 

Day 3 - KRKA National Park

1. Skradinski Buk Waterfall

Once again, get up early, but this time an hour later than the day before. Set your alarm at 7am, get dressed, pack your stuff and go to the harbor of Skradin. Here you can take the boat at 8am and it will bring you to the entrance of the KRKA National Park that is close to the Skradinski Buk Waterfall.  From here you can explore this wonderful park with lots of waterfalls. 

KRKA National Park, Croatia
KRKA, Croatia

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2. Roski Slap Waterfall 

Another amazing spot in the KRKA national park is the Roski Slap Waterfall. This place is not as famous as the Skradinski Buk Waterfall and because of that, it’s less packed with tourists. 

You can climb up some rocks for a stunning view or walk a little bit further and climb some stairs for just a view like this. 

KRKA, Croatia
KRKA, Croatia


3. Viewpoint Visovac

High in the mountains of the National Park, you’ll find this viewpoint looking over the island Visovac. On the island itself is a small monastery which can only be reached by boat. 

After your visit to the KRKA National Park, it’s time to bring your car back to the rental shop and hop on the fast ferry to the island Hvar. The ferry takes about 50 minutes and from there you can go to your next sleeping spot. 

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Day 4 - Hvar

1. Robinson Trail

Today is a perfect day to sleep in and get some lovely breakfast. Hvar has many restaurants to choose from, so find one that suits your needs. 

After your breakfast it’s time for a hike alongside the coast of Hvar. The Robinson Trail is a non-steep-hike that brings you to stunning beaches and gorgeous views. This is my personal favorite hike I have ever done and could’t recommend it more.

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Robinson Trail, Hvar
Hvar, Croatia

Day 5 - Hvar

1. Hvar Old Town

A must do, is getting to know the old town of Hvar. This town has many beautiful streets, covered in flowers and plants. There are some small shops and amazing restaurants. Wander around the harbor and get yourself some ice cream. 

Hvar, Croatia
Hvar, Croatia


2. Fort Fortica

Want to find the perfect sunset spot on Hvar? Don’t look any further because this is the place for you. 

In the mountains of Hvar is located Fort Fortica. This is an old fort that was build in the beginning of the 16th century. The fort offers a beautiful panorama view over the old town and the Paklinski islands.

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Hvar, Croatia
Fort Fortica, Hvar

Day 6 - Hvar

1. Beach time

Hvar has many beautiful beaches, so today is the day you find a spot along the coast of Hvar. Take your towel out of your bag and enjoy the lovely weather. Dip in the water once or twice and take some awesome pictures to show your friends or family. 

Hvar beach, Croatia

In the afternoon it’s time to take the ferry back to split. You probably don’t want to leave this stunning island but next up is discovering Split, something you don’t want to miss. 

Day 7 - Split

1. Split Old Town

Today is your last full day in Croatia, and this is the perfect day to explore Split itself. The town has so much to offer. You can visit the Diocletian’s palace, visit  Peristile square, wander trough the old town or visit the market. Get lost in the old streets and find out all the fun stuff Split has to offer you.

Bell Tower of St. Domnius Cathedral
Bell Tower of St. Domnius Cathedral

How to get around

(Rental) car – On your first three days, I recommend to get a rental car. This gives you the freedom to explore the amazing places all by yourself in your own pace. The roads are well maintained in this country and the people don’t drive like maniacs. When you get out of Split, the roads are almost empty, so I can definitely recommend renting a car in Croatia. 

We booked our car at the harbor of Split with the company ‘Nova Rent a Car’. Friendly people and good service.

Car rental, Croatia

Tour- If you don’t want to drive yourself during your time on Croatia, you can explore some parts of the country with a tour company. Lot’s of companies offer trips to some of the best places in Croatia. Just make sure to look for a (day)trip you want to do and book in advance to be sure of a spot. 

Boat – From Split to Hvar and back, you’ll need a ferry that brings you back and forth. There are different types of ferries you can take but I recommend the fast ferry that only takes 50 minutes to bring you from Split to Hvar. 

By foot – A lot of places can be done by foot. We explored Split and Hvar only by foot and you don’t need any transportation here to bring you from one place to the other. 

Travel costs

Croatia is a destination that can easily be done on a budget, but if you’d like, there is always a fancier option. Down below I will list some of the most common expenses per day.


Food   €20 – 50

Ho(s)tel   €20 – 70

Car rental   €50 – 80 (Per day)

Ferry   €30

Entrance tickets  €10 

Extra information

Hotel – We stayed at four different places during our time in Croatia. This seems a lot but it’s perfect to explore and see the most during your one-week Croatia itinerary. Down below I will list the places where we slept:

Day 1 – Plitvice Area – A 10 minute walk from entrance 1 of the Plitvice National Park. Clean room with a kind host. You can park your car for free in his garden which saves you money because you don’t need to pay money at the parking of the National Park.

Day 2 – KRKA Area  – A 5 minute walk from the harbor of Skradin. This is the place where you can take the ferry to the entrance of the park. You are allowed to park your car in their garden. This saves you a lot of parking money. 

Day 3/4/5 – Hvar – This was the cutest located Airbnb I have ever been to. The room itself isn’t that modern, but location is amazing! It’s located in the centre of Hvar Town and within 30 seconds you are in the harbor and the strip of the town. Definitely recommend this one. 

Day 6/7 – Split – A 10 minute walk from the harbor of Split and from the transfer bus station. Modern and clean room above a pizzeria. Supermarket is at a 3 minute walking distance. 

All the places where we slept, were at the perfect location. They all were on a walking distance from the places we wanted to visit or close to the center of the town. And the best part, they are pretty cheap.

Best time to visit –The best time to visit Croatia is in the shoulder seasons of Europe. The best time is from May to the end of June and from the end of august to the end of September. The weather is amazing and the places will be less crowed than in the middle of July and august. 

Words you can use – Local people always appreciate it when you can speak a few words in their language. Here are some words you can use while being in Croatia.


Hello   Zdravo

Thank you    Hvala

Good morning   Dobro Jutro

Good evening    Dobra Vecer

Cheers    živjeli

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