13 Best things to do and see on Bonaire

13 Best things to do and see on Bonaire

Bonaire, a tropical island which can be found in the Caribbean. This island is known for its beautiful underwater world. But don’t let this fool you because the island has so much more to offer than just snorkeling and diving. This island is the perfect spot when you want to escape the crowds and have a relaxing time but also if you are looking for some fun things to do. You’ll not get bored with these 13 best things to do and see on Bonaire.

Things to do on Bonaire

So, you want to go to Bonaire? Good choice, because there are many things you can do and see on this relaxing but adventurous island. From snorkeling in some of the clearest waters to cliff jumping in Washington Slagbaai National Park.

During my 10 day trip do Bonaire I had the perfect combination between relaxing in the sun and exploring the island. Down below I will tell you all about 13 best things to do and see on Bonaire.

Let's start

1. Kayak and snorkel at the Mangrove of Bonaire

A great way to explore the nature of Bonaire, is booking a tour in the mangrove. The tour starts at the info centre and here you’ll receive soms fun facts and tips before entering the mangrove. After the instructions, hop in the kayak and enter the forest with the group and guide. From here you’ll have 2 amazing hours exploring the water and nature. 

You need to make an reservation online which can be done through the official site of the mangrove centre. For the link to the website, tap here.



2. Old slave huts

Bonaire is an island with lots of history. A long time ago slaves where brought to this island to work on the salt lakes. After a long day of working on the lakes they were brought back to the slave huts where they slept with up to 6 people in one of the small houses. 

The exact location to the slave huts is : Old slave huts



3. Washington Slagbaai National Park

When on Bonaire, make sure to visit the Washington Slagbaai National Park. The park is really big and has alot of variety to offer. From spotting wild animals, to cliff jumping and swimming at hidden beaches. This place is definitely a must visit. 

Want to know more about the Washington Slagbaai National Park? Also read 



4. Rent a boat and explore the waters of Bonaire

Bonaire is known for it’s clear waters, and the best way to explore it is by renting a boat. This way you can see all the best spots in the ocean and snorkel above the best coral.

Tip: Make sure to bring an extra shirt to cover up from the sun. Because of the wind on board you don’t notice the burning of the sun, but on the water you’ll get burned easily.

We rented our boat with the following boat rental company: Palmboats Bonaire



5. Go windsurfing or Paddle boarding

Sorobon beach is a place where all the watersport activities come together. From paddle boarding to windsurfing, this is the place to be. You can follow some lessons or hop on a board yourself and get some exercise during your time on Bonaire.



6. Visit ‘Klein Bonaire’ 

A place that you can only reach by boat is ‘Klein Bonaire’. Klein translated means small. So the perfect translation is Small Bonaire and the name says it all. This is the small version of Bonaire. It’s a small island which can only be reached by boat or watertaxi. The small island itself doesn’t have alot to offer because nobody lives here. This place is the perfect spot to have a relaxing day and see some of the best coral the island has to offer. 

Tip: make sure to bring your own drinks and food because there are no shops or stands on the island. 



7. Donkey sanctuary

A place that will definitely bring a smile to your face is the Donkey Sanctuary on Bonaire. This sanctuary is packed with more than 700 donkeys that can’t live by themselves on the island and where brought to the sanctuary. The sanctuary is run by amazing volunteers that will make sure all the animal get the care they need. 

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8. Snorkeling

A must do on Bonaire is snorkeling. The water here is really clear and the chance of seeing some wild turtles or stingrays is really high. The best snorkle spots I’ve found are the following places: 

1. The Salt Pier
2. Klein Bonaire
3. 1000 Steps



9. Sorobon beach/ Hang Out Beachbar

A vacation isn’t complete without a day of relaxing. And I found just the perfect spot for some relaxing time. The best spot is the Hang Out Beachbar on Sorobon Beach. You can claim a sunbed for free and hop straight in the water because the beachbar is located on the beach. 

Do know this place is a bar/ restaurant. They will ask you if you want something to drink or to eat from time to time and I can reccomend the lunch here. It was delicious. 



10. Kralendijk

Kralendijk, the capital of the Island. Kralendijk is known for its colorful street. Explore the main part of the city by foot and visit some of the stores. This is the perfect place for souvenirs or to eat something. 



11. Spot flamingo’s

Flamingo’s, you can’t find them everywhere in the wild. But on Bonaire, there are thousands. Keep your eyes open when exploring Bonaire and spot them alongside the coast, at lakes or in the National Park. 



12. Smoothie time

If you love smoothies, just like me, make sure to stop at the following smoothie spot: Smooth Operators, Bonaire. They sell some delicious smoothies and it is the perfect way to get some vitamins in during your days on Bonaire. 



13. (Pink) Salt banks

Alongside the coast of Bonaire you’ll find the Salt banks. When the sun is shining they’ll turn pink. It’s a great sight when driving past it. 


How to get around

(Rental) car – The best way to explore Bonaire is by renting a car. This way you can do all the things you want to see during your time on Bonaire. The roads are well maintained and easily to drive. 

Do know that you need to have a 4×4 car if you want to enter the National Park. The roads are really bumpy and without a 4×4 you can wreck your car. 

Tip: During my time on Bonaire I didn’t have internet or data outside of the house I stayed at, so I downloaded the app Maps.me to download the roads and use this as navigation when I was offline. 


Tour- If you don’t want to drive yourself during your time on Bonaire, you can explore some parts of the island with a tour company. Lot’s of companies offer trips to some of the best places on Bonaire. Just make sure to look for a (day)trip you want to do and book in advance to be sure of a spot. 

Travel costs

Bonaire can be quite expensive. Everything needs to be imported from the mainland and that’s what makes it more expensive sometimes.

To save some money you can cook some nights yourself or go lay at the beach instead of at a beach club.

Down below I will list some of the most common expenses per day.


Food   €30 – 80

Ho(s)tel   €50 – 120

Car rental   €60 – 120 (Per day)

Activities   €50 – 350

Entrance tickets €0 – 45


Extra information

Know before you go – Before you go to Bonaire, the’re a few things you need to know. Down below I’ll list the most important ones. 

– Visitor tax : To enter Bonaire you’ll need to pay a Visitor Tax. You can pay it on arrival but if you want to be prepared, make sure to fill out the form beforehand trough the official website. The price it the same so I’d recommend filling it out online before arriving. 

– Stinapa pas : This is a fee to preserve the nature of Bonaire. You’ll need a Stinapa to enter the water surrounding Bonaire/ the Mangrove or to enter the National Park.  You need to pay the Stinapa beforehand online.

Best time to visit –Bonaire can be visited all year round because of its steady weather. All year round the sun is shining and the tempature is perfectly nice and warm. 

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