Explore Mallorca – 18 best things to do and see while exploring the island

Explore Mallorca – 18 best things to do and see while exploring the island

Mallorca, a small island that belongs to Spain. Mallorca is known for its parties don’t let this fool you. The great parties are mostly in Palma, the capital of Mallorca. The rest of the island has so much more to offer. This island is great for some sunbathing but really great if you like adventure and want to explore the beauty Mallorca has to offer. 

Things to do on Mallorca

So, you want to go to Mallorca? Sound like a great plan because there is so much to do and see on Mallorca. From hiking high mountain tops to swimming in clear water. Mallorca is a great destination with a lot of variation. 

We stayed on Mallorca for 7 days but I wish we had more time. The island is bigger than you expect and sometimes it takes quite a while to get from one place to the other. With more days, you can relax a little bit more but if you like going in a high speed, just like me, this itinerary can be done in 7 days.  

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Let's start

1. Palma

Even though Palma is know for its party scene, the city itself is really beautiful. It’s the perfect spot to shop, go sightseeing or visit the monuments. Start wandering in the streets and keep an eye out for the beauty this city has to offer. 


2. Valdemossa

A small but almost luxurious town located in the west of Mallorca is Valdemossa. With chique shops and restaurants, this is the perfect place to spend an afternoon exploring the town and end the day with a delicious meal at one of the restaurants.  




3. Cala Pi

A bay that you’ll never forget is Cala Pi. Walking from the parking lot to the bay and seeing the bay from above is a sight you won’t see very often. The water is vibrant and clear. Bring your towel and make sure to dip in the refreshing water. 



4. Deià

A small town located high in the mountains of Mallorca is Deiá. A picturesque village with a view over the mountains and layers of houses on top of it. The best way to explore Deiá is by parking your car and just start walking through the streets. The town is small and you can explore it by foot in just an hour.  



5. Port de Sóller

Port de Sóller, a harbor town located a the foot of Sóller. Some people get those two places mixed up, but there is a difference. Port de Sóller has a harbor and a tiny beach with some sunbeds and fun activities like kayaking. You can also enjoy some food here or watch the tram pass through the town. 



6. Sóller

Sóller is known for its oranges. In this area of Mallorca there are many oranges farms and in Sóller you’ll find many trees colored with oranges. 

Sóller is also known for its red tram passing through the town. It comes and goes a few times an hour and is a pretty sight to watch. When you visit in the summer, make sure to get a refreshing drink in town and enjoy the view. 



7. Cala Figuera

A place that surprised me was Cala Figuera. It’s a small town located in the east of the island. In the harbor you’ll find a picture route that brings you to the best places. Follow the route and you’ll see everything there is to see. The route will take you about 45 minutes so it’s a perfect way to explore the harbor of Cala Figuera. 



8. Sa Colobra

Where do I even begin with Sa Colorbra? This was our last stop during our week on Mallorca and we almost skipped it because of the heavy rainfall. But many people recommended it so we decided to hop in the car and just go. I am so happy we did because when we reached the parking lot, the sky got clear and we had the place almost to ourselves. The road down to the beach is really intense but completely worth it when you reach the beach after walking 15 minutes from the parking. This view is one of a kind. 

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9. Caló del Moro

One of the best sights you’ll find on Mallorca is Caló del Moro. The water is Cristal clear and a must visit. This place is well maintained and loved by the local people, so make sure to clean up after yourself. This includes everywhere, but here you’ll see many signs remembering you about it. 



10. Hike Talaia d’Alcúdia

If you like hiking but don’t want to hike for hours, Talaia d’Alcúdia is perfect for you. In just an hour you will reach the to of the mountain and have a perfect view over the northern part of Mallorca. Make sure to visit early to escape the heat because some parts can be steep and gets you to sweat easily. 




11. Cala Llombards

A populair beach on Mallorca is Cala Lombard’s. After visiting I completely understood why so many people liked this place so much. Chill music was playing on the speakers of the little bar at the beach and everyone was just enjoying themselves by swimming, playing volleybal or just sunbathing. We visited this beach at the end of the day and this was perfect because most people had already left and it wasn’t that busy anymore. 



12. Pollença

If you like climbing stairs, this is the perfect town for you. Just kidding of course, but yes, to reach the church you have to climb many stairs. But the view alone is worth it and brings you amongst pretty houses with flowers on them and you’ll be rewarded at the top with a small church that is open for visitors.



13. Cala D’or bay 1

Cala D’or has many bays but in this blog I will tell you about the best two bays. The first bay you want to visit is Plato Cala Gran. The beach has a great vibe to it and is perfect for some relaxing time by the beach. The lushes trees surrounding the bay makes it picture-perfect for your next instagram post.  



14. Cala D’or bay 2

The second bay is Cala Petita. It’s almost identical to Plato Cala Gran, but has a different atmosphere to it. There is a restaurant located at the beach and this bay is smaller and less crowded. When you’re in Cala D’or, make sure to visit both of the bays because they are just a few minutes of walking distance of each other. 



15. Ecovinyassa

Remember Sóller (best thing to do number 6), the town known for its oranges? The perfect way to get to know more about all the oranges and the farms how they make them, is by visiting Ecovinyassa. This a farm that has a tour that you can follow by yourself and educates you in a fun way. And the best part, the tour includes a delicious orange and at the end even a small can of orange juice and some bread with toppings. 

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16. S’Almonia

At the bottom of some heavy stairs is located S’Almonia. A small bay for a perfect dip in the ocean. Bring your towel and sunscreen and enjoy the peace and quite of S’Almonia.

Just around the corner you’ll find Caló del Moro (best thing to do number 9) which you can visit by foot and makes it a perfect combination during your visit in Mallorca.



17. Santanyi

Santanyi had one of the most famous markets of the island. Endless market stands can be found in the streets of Santanyi. Every Wednesday and Saturday from 9 you can visit the market. Make sure to be there on time because it doesn’t take long before the market will be crowded with many tourist trying to shop the best souvenirs or clothes.

Tip: bring cash because most stands don’t accept card. 



18. Fornalutx

Fornalutx, another mountain village. By now you know Mallorca has many of them, but let me tell you all of them are different and worth a visit. The last one of this blog is Fornalutx located in the west of Mallorca. Walk around the town and see the many stairs that guide you through the houses and streets of Fornalutx. You can explore this town by foot and it will take you about 45 minutes. 


How to get around

(Rental) car – The best way to explore Mallorca is by renting a car. This way you can do all the things you want to see during your time on Mallorca. The roads are well maintained and easily to drive. 


Tour- If you don’t want to drive yourself during your time on Mallorca, you can explore some parts of the island with a tour company. Lot’s of companies offer trips to some of the best places on Mallorca. Just make sure to look for a (day)trip you want to do and book in advance to be sure of a spot. 

Travel costs

Down below I will list some of the most common expenses per day if you don’t go to the most expensive places.


Food   €30 – 80

Ho(s)tel   €30 – 80

Car rental   €40 – 80 (Per day)

Activities   €15 – 40

Entrance tickets €0 


Extra information

Hotel – When we explored Mallorca, we stayed in one hotel the whole week. We stayed in Can Picafort, Galaxia Boutique Hotel. This hotel was located perfectly. The shops and restaurants were located right outside the lobby and it’s budget friendly. Do know they don’t have airco but you can ask for a fan at the reception.

Best time to visit –  Spain can be visited all year round but the best weather is from the month may till September. The sun will be shining and the temperatures will vary from 20 to 32 degrees. 

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