Visit Fort Fortica in Hvar – Best sunset place on the island

Visit Fort Fortica in Hvar - Best sunset spot on the island

Finding a good sunset spot can be hard. But in Hvar, there is this one place you need to go, and that place is called Fort Fortica. This is an old fort that is now open for visits. It’s an amazing viewpoint that looks over the Paklinski Island and the harbor of Hvar. 

How to get there

To get to the entrance of Fort Fortica, you need to make your way up in the hills of Hvar. From the harbor to the entrance, it is a 15 minute walk. Your way up there can be steep, but it is really worth it once you’re there. 

The best way to get there, is to put google maps on and follow the navigation. There are also some signs on the wall that tell you where to go. 

Fort Fortica, Croatia
Hvar, Croatia

Entrance fee & Opening Hours

If you want to visit Fort Fortica, you need to pay an entrance fee. Down below I will list the price:

  • 70 Kuna

You can buy your tickets at the entrance of the castle. You need to pay in cash but there is an ATM machine just outside the castle.

Down below I will list the opening hours:

  • 09:00 – 20:00
However, when we visited, the sun went down at half past 8 and we were still allowed inside so they are not strict on the time. Take your time and when the staff wants to leave, get your stuff and head back down. 

What to do?

Once you are at the Fort you can enjoy the amazing panorama view over the harbor, old town and the Paklinski islands. There is also a restaurant up there to get some drinks. To the left side of the off the fort, there is also a stair you can climb down. This leads to the old prison of the fort. There are three cells down the stairs that you can see. 

Hvar, Croatia
Hvar, Croatia

Extra information

How long do you need exploring Fort Fortica?

I would recommend you to spend around 1/2 hours in total. From climbing up to the fort and with making your way down.  

If you visit Fort Fortica in Hvar, make sure to plan some other things to do on this day as well.  This is an amazing spot for a beautiful sunset, but you don’t need all day exploring this Fort. 

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What to bring to Fort Fortica in Hvar?

So when you decide to go to Fort Fortica in Hvar, I recommend you to bring the following stuff:

  • Money
  • Your camera 
  • Water 
Fort Fortica, Hvar
Fort Fortica, Hvar


Best time to visit

The best time to visit is in the shoulder seasons of Europe. The best time is from May to the end of June and from the end of august to the end of September. The weather is amazing and the places will be less crowed than in the middle of July and august. 

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