Robinson Trail in Hvar, Croatia – Everything you need to know

Robinson Trail in Hvar, Croatia - Everything you need to know

My personal favorite activity on Hvar is walking the Robinson Trail. It will take you to some of the best beaches Hvar has to offer and it’s a great opportunity to take a swim from time to time. Get amazed by some of the clearest waters you’ll ever see.

Hvar is known for its beautiful beaches, good atmosphere and wild nightlife. However, the nature is beautiful and really peaceful. When staying in Hvar Town, there is this one hike/ trail you must do, the Robinson Trail. This is a trail alongside the coast of Hvar and brings you to so many gorgeous beaches and viewpoints. You can do this whole hike by foot and do it at your own pace. Down below I will tell you everything you need to know about the Robinson Trail in Hvar, Croatia

How to get there

So, when staying in Hvar town, it’s really easy to get there and get started. The starting point is Hvar Town and from there you’ll be walking to Robinson beach. There isn’t an official starting point so you can start from anywhere in Hvar Town. 

Robinson Trail, Hvar
Hvar beach, Croatia

Entrance fee

Because this is just a path alongside the coast of Hvar, there is no entrance fee. You are walking on the street or on some rocky paths. 

How to get around

How do you know where to go? Well, luckily it’s really easy. From Hvar Town you start walking alongside the coast. Here you just follow the road that leads to one of the first beaches you’ll come across, Pokonji dol Beach. This is a fun beach with a beach club that rents many sun beds. 

When you see this beach club, you know you are on the right track. From here there is a wall painting that tells you to keep going if you want to go to Robinson beach. 

Down below you see a picture of the painting and you want to follow the red arrow. After this, the roads get rocky but you have to keep walking. You’ll pass some beaches and at one point you reach Robinson beach. There is a small restaurant there and a sign that says ‘Robinson’. 

Robinson Trail, Hvar
Robinson Trail, Hvar

Extra information

How long does the hike take

Hiking the Robinson Trail in Hvar Croatia, takes about 1,5 hour one way. Some people will do it quicker and some slower, it really depends on your pace. If you want to take some pictures, just like us, I recommend to take 2 hours on your way there and about an hour back. You can also go lay down somewhere and go sunbathing. If you do this, you can easily make this a day trip. 

Robinson Trail, Hvar


What to bring to the Robinson Trail?

So when you decide to go on this wonderful hike I recommend to bring the following stuff:

  • Enough water
  • Snacks
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera
  • Money (cash)


Best time to visit

This trail can be done the whole year, but you’ll find the best weather in the months May till Oktober. The sun will be out and you can jump in the ocean for a refreshing dip. It can get really hot during these months so bring enough water to keep yourself hydrated.


Photo inspiration – Robinson Trail Hvar, Croatia

Robinson Trail, Hvar
Robinson Trail, Hvar
Robinson Trail, Hvar
Robinson Trail, Hvar
Robinson Trail, Hvar
Robinson Trail, Hvar

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