Best things to do and see in the Eifel Region, Germany (2 day itinerary)

Best things to do and see in the Eifel Region, Germany - 2 day itinerary

Germany, a country most people know because of Octoberfest, amazing Schnitzels and of course, Berlin. But did you know Germany has many more beautiful places and areas to offer? One of those places is the Eifel Region in the south of the country. With its old towns and lush green hills located next to the Moezel river, this place is a must visit when you want to explore Germany.

Things to do

The Eifel Region in Germany is a big area and you can spend many days there without getting bored. In the summer, a lot of people visit this place for about two weeks with their camper or caravan and stay at a camping in this area to spend their time exploring some old but beautiful villages located nearby the Moezel river.

However, this area is also a good place to visit for only a few days, just like my boyfriend and I did. We visited this place in the winter and tried to see as many places as we could in two days. Because of the low season and cold weather, we had almost every place or town to ourselves. In this blog I will tell you everything about the best things to do and see in the Eifel Region in Germany.

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Day 1 - Eifel Region

1. Eifel Region – Burg Eltz

Visit the fairy-tale-like castle ‘Burg Eltz’ in the woods of Wierschem. Within a short walk from the parking lot, you will be greeted with a stunning view overlooking the castle. The castle is closed in the winter, but it’s still worth the visit. You can walk around the castle or have a lovely walk down the river close to the castle that you will see on your walk to Burg Eltz.

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Burg Eltz, Eifel Region, Germany
Burg Eltz, Eifel Region, Germany
Burg Eltz, Eifel Region, Germany


2. Eifel Region – Monreal

A village that left me speechless, was Monreal. This small town, with only 770 inhabitants, is a hidden gem in the Eifel Region and still needs to be discovered by many tourists. Walking around this place feels like wandering in a deserted town. We had this place completely to ourselves during our visit in the winter. In the summer it will be a little bit more crowded, but I still recommend Monreal highly. The pictures don’t do this place justice because in real life it is even prettier and more magical.

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Monreal, Germany
Monreal, Germany
Monreal, Germany


3. Eifel Region – Cochem

Cochem, an authentic village located next to the Moezel. This place is more known and is more crowded with tourists. You can explore this city by putting on your good walking shoes and just start walking. Take a walk down the river of have a look at all the cute little shops in the centre of the city. Everywhere you look, you will see something else which makes the exploring even more fun. There are also a lot of restaurants that offer you delicious Schnitzels and some cold beers. In the summer, this is also a good place to take a biking tour or have a wine tasting.

Cochem, Germany
Cochem, Germany
Cochem, Germany

Day 2 - Eifel Region

1. Eifel Region – Hängeseilbrücke Geierlay

I hope you’re not afraid of heights, because a must-visit in the Eifel Region in Germany is the Hängeseilbrücke Geierlay in the woods of Mörsdorf. This suspension bridge was made in 2015 and is 360 meter long. Try to get there as early as possible, so you will have the bridge all to yourself.

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Hangeseilbrucke Geierlay, Germany


2. Eifel Region – Bacharach

The Eifel region has lots of small villages you can explore. One of them is Bacharach, located next to the Rhine river. This is a small, but nice-looking town with only 1890 inhabitants. Within a hour, you have seen most of it, so make sure you plan other things to see or do on the day you decide to visit Bacharach.

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Bacharach, Germany
Bacharach, Germany
Bacharach, Germany
Bacharach, Germany


3. Eifel Region – Schloss Drachenburg

In Germany, there are many castles to explore. However, Schloss Drachenburg is a castle you don’t want to miss. With its beautiful architecture you will be in awe at the sight. You can also explore some parts inside and see all the rooms that are still decorated. The castle is located in Königswinter, which is a town only one hour outside of the Eifel Region.

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Schloss Drachenburg, Germany
Schloss Drachenburg, Germany

How to get around

(Rental) car – Renting a car, or if you live nearby you can take your own car, is in my opinion the only option. In this area there is not enough public transport to get you somewhere and exploring the Eifel Region with a taxi is way to expensive. Renting a car is cheaper and gives you the freedom you need to discover this part of Germany at your own pace. The roads are well maintained so if you drive by following the rules, you will be okay.

Rental car, Germany

Travel costs

Germany can be expensive but can also be really cheap. It depends on your wishes and needs during your time there. For exemple good food can easily be found and if you leave the crowded streets you will see many restaurants that offer good food for a low price. Down below I will list some common expenses you make on a day while being in Germany.


Food     €10 – €50

Hotel/ Airbnb    €35 – €100

Car rental   €35 – €70

Entrance tickets    €0 – €7

Extra information

Hotel/ Airbnb – In the Eifel Region, you’ve got plenty of options to stay. When you decide to travel with a camper or caravan, you can stay at one of the many campings in this area. However, not everyone owns a home on wheels, just like me. My boyfriend and I stayed at an Airbnb in a little town called ‘ Kalt’. I highly recommend to stay at this place, because of its cheap price and big room with your own bathroom . Kalt is a town close to all the activities and places to see in the Eifel region.

Airbnb Kalt, Germany
Airbnb Kalt, Germany
Airbnb Kalt, Germany


Weather The weather in The Eifel Region really depends on the season you visit Germany. In the summer, it can get pretty hot but in the winter you can have the chance of experiencing some snow if you’ re lucky. So make sure to check the weather forecast before going on your trip so you know what type of clothes you need to bring on your trip.

Words you can use – Local people always appreciate it when you can speak a few words in their language. Here are some words you can use while being in Germany.


Thank you      Danke

Good morning     Guten Morgen

Good afternoon       Guten Tag

Good evening        Guten Abend

Yes Please       Ja Bitte

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