How to visit The Geierlay Hängeseilbrücke in Germany

How to visit The Geierlay Hängeseilbrücke in Germany

Visit the Geierylay Suspension Bridge located in the woods in between Mörsdorf and Sosberg. This is a 360 meter long bridge at a hight of 100 meter. So if you are afraid of heights, you may want to skip this one. If not, this will be the perfect adventure for you. 

So you are thinking about visiting the Geierlay Hängeseilbrücke? This is a good choice because when you are in Germany, you don’t want to miss this unique experience. 

I do recommend you to get up early in the morning so you can experience this place all to yourself. I know, when you are on a trip, you don’t want to set an alarm. But believe me, it’s totally worth it once you are standing on the bridge all by yourself. 

How to get there & Parking

If you want to visit The Geierlay Hängeseilbrücke, I recommend you to come by car. The bridge is located in between two small towns and getting there with public transportation can be really hard. With a car you can drive to one of the five parking lots and from there start your journey to the bridge. 

You can chose to park in two towns, Mörsdorf or Sosberg. In Mörsdorf there are more parking lots and parking spaces. However, if you park in Sosberg, it’s less crowded because most people visit the bridge from the Mörsdorf side. 

Parking 1 – Mörsdorf (only cars allowed)

95 car parking spaces/ First 10 minutes are free and then for the first 4 hours you pay €10,- and after this €1,- every 15 minutes/ 1,8 km to the bridge.

Parking 2 – Mörsdorf (cars and campers)

95 car parking spaces and 20 spaces for campers/ Car -> first 3 hours for €6,- and after this €1,- every 15 minutes and for a camper -> first two hours €10,- and after this €1,- every 15 minutes  / 2 km to the bridge

You can also park your camper here and stay for the night. This will cost you €10,- including power.

Parking 3 – Mörsdorf (Cars and Motors)

400 parking spaces / First 2 hours for €2,- or the first 4 hours for €4,- (cheapest one)  / 2,3 km to the bridge

Parking 4 – Mörsdorf  (Only cars allowed)

50 parking spaces/ This parking lot is completely free but keep in mind it takes about 40 minutes from there to the bridge / 3,2 km to the bridge

Parking 5 – Sosberg (only cars allowed)

Not many parking places/ First 4 hours for €2,-  / 1,9 km to the bridge

Entrance fee

Visiting the suspension bridge is completely free. You don’t have to pay to walk across the bridge.

The Geierlay Hängseseilbrücke

How to know where to go

Once you decided where you want to park your vehicle, you can make your way to the bridge. You can use google maps or follow the sings along the road that tell you where to go. 

The Geierlay Suspension Bride is located in the woods which sounds like it’s off the radar. However, many people visit this place each year so they made sure it’s easy to find. 

Hangeseilbrucke Geierlay, Germany

Extra information

How long do you need at the Geierlay Suspension Bridge

For this activity you will need about 2 hours. It takes about an hour to walk from the parking lot to the bridge and back and I suggest to take an hour at the bridge. 

Because you only need about 2 hours, I recommend to plan other activities as well on this day, because you don’t need the whole day exploring this area. 


What to bring to The Geierlay Hängeseilbrücke?

So when you decide to go to the suspension bridge, I recommend you to bring the following stuff:

  • Good shoes
  • Money for parking
  • Your camera


Best time to visit

Visiting the Geierlay Hängeseilbrücke can be done all year long. However, if you want to beat the crowds, don’t visit this place in the summer. The bridge is located in the Eifel Region and this is a populair summer holiday destination. So if you want to visit the suspension bridge, I would recommend you to go from September to June.

I visited The Geierlay Suspension Bridge in December and early in the morning we had the whole bridge to ourselves.

The Geierlay Hängseseilbrücke
The Geierlay Hängseseilbrücke
The Geierlay Hängseseilbrücke

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