5 best things to do and see in Salzburg, Austria

5 best things to do and see in Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg, a small but beautiful city with amazing views over the Salzach river. Explore the city by foot and see what this city has to offer you. From beautiful gardens to fun beer gardens.  

Things to do

Salzburg is overall a small place and if you want to see everything the city has to offer, I suggest you spend two days there. The architecture and the nature is beautiful and the restaurants offer delicious meals and to see it all, two days is the perfect amount. Down below I will tell you all about my favorite 5 best things to do and see in Salzburg.

1. Mirabellgarten

My favorite place in Salzburg is the Mirabellgarten at the eastern side of the river. The Mirabellgarten is a garden that belongs to a palace and is know for the colorful flowers. The garden isn’t big but you can easily spend an hour exploring the garden. Every corner has a beautiful view and offers a new look over the garden.

The Mirabellgarten is open 24/7 and is completely free to visit. Just make sure not to step on the grass and don’t leave trash behind to keep the garden as beautiful as it is.  

mirabellgarten, Salzburg Austria
mirabellgarten, Salzburg Austria


2. Pretzels and beer

A must try is a Pretzel. Originally they are from Germany, but in Austria they taste just as good. A place where you can find the pretzels is the Kapitelplatz. Here you can find many stands that offer them but you can also find some souvenir shops. Right above the Kapitelplatz is Schlösser Betriebsführung that many people visit while being in Salzburg.



3. Stroll by the Salzach River

Salzburg is a city located around the Salzach River. You have two sides of the city and you can reach the other side by crossing a bridge over the river. But walking alongside of the river is also a great and relaxing experience. The view is gorgeous and it gives you view of all the beautiful buildings located at the river. 



4. Explore the city

Something I really liked while being in Salzburg, where all the beautiful, colorful and well maintained buildings. The city is really clean and it’s a pleasure walking around. At every corner you will find a shop or restaurant and many cute cafes. 

There is no particular guide about exploring the city, just start walking and keep you eyes open and you will for sure see the beauty Salzburg has to offer. 



5. Beer garden

Throughout the whole city, there are plenty of beer gardens. Make sure to get some lunch or dinner at one of them and try a typical Schnitzel. 

The gardens can be found at the squares in between the restaurants. And even better, eating at a beer garden is cheaper than a restaurant. Just get yourself some food and enjoy the picknick vibes.


How to get around

By foot – Salzburg has a small city center and can easily be done by foot. Walking from one side to the other doesn’t take more than half an hour so everything you want to see is in reach. Just make sure to put soms good shoes on and your fine to go.

Travel costs

Austria isn’t known for being a cheap destination. However, it all depends on your wishes and needs. Sleeping in a hostel or Airbnb can save you money witch allows you to spend it on something else, like treating yourself on a cool beer. Down below I will list some commons expenses in a day while being in Salzburg.


Food     €20 – €80

Ho(s)tel/ Airbnb    €30 – €120

Entrance tickets    €0 – €5

Extra information

Ho(s)tel/ Airbnb – Like I told before, Austria can be expensive. However, you can save some money if you try to finds a cheaper accommodation. During my stay in Austria, I slept in a hostel that was located in the centre of the city. However, the hostel itself wasn’t the best. So I can’t recommend it, but I do suggest you try to find something cheap on Airbnb or through HostelWorld.

Weather The weather in Austria really depends on the moment of the visit. In the summer you can expect some sunny days with a lovely warm temperature but in the other seasons it can get cold or wet. Try to pick the season that fits you and your plans the best.

Words you can use – Local people always appreciate it when you can speak a few words in their language. Here are some words you can use while being in Austria.


Thank you    Danke

Good morning    Guten Morgen

Good afternoon     Guten Tag

Good evening      Guten Abend

Yes Please      Ja Bitte

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