15 Facts about me – Get to know me better

15 Facts about me - Get to know me better

So, you want to know a little bit more about me?
Down below I’ve listed 15 personal/ travel and blogging facts about me.

Parque Eduardo VII, Lisbon

Personal facts

1. I am from The Netherlands. I live in a small town called Scherpenzeel and I’ve lived here my whole life. 

2. Moved out at 20 years old. But lucky for me, my parents live 5 minutes away and my sister only 30 seconds. 

3. I have a twin sister called Djoni. Back in the days people had a hard time telling us apart. But once we got older, we started to look more different. 

4. Green = Blue. I can’t really see the difference between these two colors. Oh and light green seems blue to me as well. 

5. My favorite part of the day is sunset. I love how the sky changes in different colors.  

Nusa Penida, Bali

Travel facts

6. I’ve been to 21 countries and 3 different continents and I’m still counting.

7. My first big adventure was a trip to Indonesia for two months back in 2019.

8. Somehow I always end up in trouble when I’m away from home. Let me list down some of the accidents I’ve had in a foreign country. 

  • Broke my nose while taking surfing lessons in Lombok
  • Lost my front tooth on a slide in Turkey
  • Ripped my ear drums while sliding down rocks in Bali
  • Lost 4 of my toenails after a hike in Lombok

9. A place that blew my expectations was Crete. This Island has so much to offer, and the nature is gorgeous. 

10. I still get nerves when I’m going to a place I’ve never been to before, but in a good way. It’s tis exciting feeling of discovering a new place, culture and the amazing people. 

Nusa Penida, Bali
Uluwatu, Bali

Travel facts

11. I started my blog journey in the beginning of December 2021

12. I build the website together with my boyfriend. Lucky for me, he is an expert.

13. I hope to inspire others to travel the world as well by writing my blogs.

14. I write all my content in my free time. I have a 9-5 job but try to give writing as much time as possible. 

15. I’m always open to suggestions or recommendations, so feel free to contact me through my contact page or my Instagram. 

Sexial beach, Madeira

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